About Us

Tempest Ventures brings forth a network of entrepreneurs who have experience of driving organizations to high and sustained growth, a network of visionaries who spot trends and define strategy to achieve quantum growth, a pool of technologists who can help shape dreams by providing critical technology inputs for quicker time to market.

Tempest Ventures is not bound by any specific investor mandate. We opportunistically invest in all industries however we prefer ideas that can be leveraged through innovation and technology.

Tempest ventures firmly believes that a business succeeds based on its people and not because of best of strategies. We look for amazing entrepreneurs who need financial boost to grow and multiply to achieve their ambitions.

TEMPEST VENTURE INVESTS IN PEOPLE without specific requirement of exit dates.

Mission & Values

We focus to deliver superior returns to investors while playing an effective role as agents of innovation, and technical excellence in the markets we invest.

Our principles and values focus on Entrepreneurship, responsibility, accountability, collaboration, integrity and commitment to excellence.

Building Global relationships:

More important than returns on our investment is to ensure we build sustainable and lasting relationship which are built on foundation of trust and commitment.

Ethical standards and Integrity:

Our reputation and integrity are key to our success.

Building integrated organizations:

Globally we operate as one firm one organization while ensuring there is maximum cross utilization of strengths between our investee companies. Collaborative growth on a global platform is critical to our success mantra.

Value Creation:

We believe that a business should survive to deliver profits and it is essential to ensure that all its stake holders are able to find comfort and security in the business they operate with. We focus on long term value creation in the businesses we manage. Creating sustainable differential advantage for our investee companies by following most sought after innovative strategies is critical to our success.

Commitment towards Excellence:

We continuously seek to build teams of brilliant professionals and take pride in our teams. We focus on our core strengths, we respect our colleagues and we are committed to hardwork, while staying grounded and humble at all times.


Good corporate governance is of utmost importance in all that we do. We aspire to the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all we do.


  • We are founded on internationally accepted standards and we promote transparency and adherence to strict accounting systems and processes.
  • Strong analytics, risk management and control systems are at centre of our investment philosophy. We believe that a business be agile and sharp to know where it stands and where it is going at any point in time.
  • Our organizational policies are transparent and openly available to all the employees working at Tempest and we promote same philosophy at our investee company.
  • A strong regulatory regime means that our investors know that our systems are robust and our investments are benchmarked to globally acceptable scrutiny, audits as well as reporting.