Our Approach

Our unique combination of investment skills, hands on business management skills, risk management skills and deep understanding of technology trends sets us apart.

We focus on identifying great companies which typically need funding to scale and need growth capital to make it happen. Our investment capital is used for sales and market expansion through international growth.

What makes us different?

Following factors differentiate our approach.

Significant experience of operating successful businesses across 5 continents

We have over two decades of experience in growth markets across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. We work closely thereby bringing significant synergies and benefits. We bring our investee companies global virtually overnight.

Best business practices aligned to global standards

Our on ground team of professionals have in-depth local knowledge and are able to support operations by providing local knowledge, local culture, local legal understanding and indepth understanding of market dynamics.

Brilliant team of World-class professionals

We hire the best and we invest in our teams. We never compromise on our teams and stick to our values.

Deep understanding of non English speaking markets globally

Our investments / business interest have been focused across non English speaking countries globally, giving us strong presence in most promising markets. We provide a platform for our investee companies to take advantage of our network in these markets which are otherwise difficult to penetrate. For example Scandinavian countries / Japan and BeNeLux.

Value Creation

We focus on sustainable value creation for our investee companies through operational excellence and bringing a global collaborative platform to their doorstep through our portfolio of investments. Our combination of hands on understanding of operating in over 30 countries and best-practice strategies offers a solid foundation for growth.

We act as a catalyst to ensure our investee companies achieve their ambitions:

We work hand-in-hand with our investee companies to help them realize their ambitions.

Our investee companies have access to our best-practices, risk management techniques and most important our reach and experience of doing business across 5 continents across 30+ countries.

Our Catalytic Models:

We identify improvement area, make suggestions and then participate in ensuring that the accepted plans are implemented to achieve desired results. Our strategic plans are well structured and in place right from the first day we engage with our investee company. Without getting deeply involved into changing the core culture of the investee company which made them successful we continuously provide necessary boost to ensure that they achieve their ambitions by deploying the most sought after business practices for their financial, technical, marcom, sales or operational needs. Our team of brilliant professionals remain focused on achieving the goals till the day of our exit.